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Leaving a Godly Legacy

August 22nd, 2014  No Comments »

A significant benefit in fulfilling this call is found in the example of godly parents whom we have had the privilege of observing.

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Reading and Thinking

August 20th, 2014  No Comments »

To a generation that survived the horrors of war, Lewis recommended the edifying practice of reading.

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Scripture and Faith

August 18th, 2014  No Comments »

Jesus and the apostles, Athanasius and Augustine, Thomas and Bonaventure, Luther and Calvin, and Christians of all churches have down the centuries confessed and recognized Scripture as the word of God…

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The Scars of Jesus

August 15th, 2014  No Comments »

We live in a day of suffering. A simply survey of news headlines verifies this fact…

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Serving the Soul of a Child

August 13th, 2014  No Comments »

Parents, nurses, teachers, godfathers, godmothers, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters,—all have an interest in it.

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The Infinitely Great

August 11th, 2014  No Comments »

The one essential condition of human existence is that man should always be able to bow down before something infinitely great.

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Swimming against the Stream

August 8th, 2014  No Comments »

This is the stream against which we must swim with the truth of the gospel.

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Investing in the Kingdom

August 6th, 2014  No Comments »

We must consider that what every man possesses has not come to him by mere chance but by the distribution of the supreme Lord of all.

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Francis’ Apology To Pentecostals In Search of Significance

August 4th, 2014  2 Comments »

Pope Francis’ words of apology to Italian Pentecostals were considered the high point of his visit to his pastor friend Giovanni Traettino.

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A Focused Faith

August 2nd, 2014  No Comments »

Christians are called to throw off everything that hinders our wholehearted allegiance to Christ, including the accumulation of wealth.

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